Our Story

We provide integrated solutions for your smart homes requirements. Our solutions are able to integrate and automate many home devices under a secure network environment. Our experience comes from many years in the technological field, and we are positive that My Genius Home will provide a great user experience, comfort and convenience to you. My Genius Home is a subdivision of VCerna Technologies which is a technology company located in South West Florida.

Our Solutions

   Our Genius Home solutions are based on two main cores.



Networking Security

We believe that one of the most important things is to have a protected smart house, so we are focused on providing the most secure networking environment for our solutions. To do this, My Genius Home uses networking security devices such as a firewalls. 


Integrated Applications

My Genius Home solutions can be managed from the palm of your hand or with your voice. Our systems are fully integrated with portable devices such as a tablet or smart phone. With My Genius Home App, you can control your entire house with a single app. 



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